Benefits of Assessment and Outcome

//Benefits of Assessment and Outcome
Benefits of Assessment and Outcome2010-10-03T00:52:03+00:00

Some possible assessment outcomes

Often when individuals present for an ASC assessment they will be experiencing difficulties in education, employment, relationships or indeed their general mental health. With a positive diagnosis and clear guidance, the individual may be able to re-structure his/her working environment to allow for optimal functioning. Such change often relies on a re-thinking on the part of managers or the appointment of a mentor in the workplace. Often final recognition of the condition per se provides relief for the individual and family members as they realise no one is to blame. With this knowledge and information they can move forward to re-negotiating their lives and relationships.

In some instances further assessment is necessary such as a Life Skills Assessment carried out by a specialist Occupational Therapist. This aids in the planning for services for those needing to consider living independently. Some require psychological intervention. Previous interventions may have failed, for a variety of reasons, including the fundamental lack of recognition of the individual’s core underlying ASC. For those in education, clear guidance to relevant parties will aid them in planning support while the individual is studying. The diagnosis allows access to support services in the community including the numerous branches of the NAS across the UK.