How to Proceed with a Referral

//How to Proceed with a Referral
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If you are the adult seeking an assessment, ask your GP or other clinician involved in your care (e.g. Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist) to refer you. Although this is a private assessment, it is important to maintain links with the GP since they will be the professionals to take any recommendations further. Whilst numerous individual enquiries are made by those who believe they are affected by ASC, many referrals are instigated by parents, partners, carers or employers, and it is important that the individual concerned is a willing participant in the assessment process.

If you are making this enquiry on behalf of your (adult) family member or partner, please consider this information carefully and discuss with the individual so that they are fully aware of the process and possible outcome of such an assessment.

In some cases, there may be a service which is more convenient for you or which may be available without charge. If we are aware of your particular needs being better served by referral to another service, we will advise accordingly before offering any appointment.

Whilst most private assessments are funded by individuals or their families, there are occasions when local primary care trusts agree to fund a specialist assessment, perhaps especially if there are no local diagnostic services. Equally, if an individual is having difficulties in the workplace and a specialist assessment has been suggested, it may be possible to request funding (or at least part-funding) from the employer. Students may request that the university or college funds the assessment which is likely to inform the way in which they manage and support that individual for the duration of their studies. When an expert legal report is required formal instructions from a solicitor are needed and the assessment is generally publically-funded.

Certain private medical insurance groups do fund clinical assessments. Dr Robinson is currently registered with the following medical insurers:

  • BUPA
  • WPA