Fees and Terms of Contract

//Fees and Terms of Contract
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(i) General
(a) Referral agreed by individual
(b) Consent given for records to be obtained
(c) Assessment requires the accompaniment of a close relative, usually a parent (for early history)

(ii) Fees
(a) Inclusive fee for Clinical Diagnostic Assessment is ~ £1000 incl. to £1140 incl.* (or equivalent in Euro), depending on complexity of the case and demands of pre-assessment reading of medical notes/documents/reports, and need for other assessments, e.g., cognitive assessments.

(b) Other Clinical Consultations (e.g., report for university or occupational health assessment).
Autistic Spectrum Consultation £95 incl. per hour (£50 per 30 mins.)*, including reading of documents, consultations or assessments, verbal reporting and corresponding. Contact us directly for fee estimate with respect to ASC and occupational health assessments.

Where travel is required to conduct the assessment the following will apply:

(c) Travel costs: £35 incl.* per hour travel time and 59p per mile mileage costs OR £30 per hour travel costs and re-imbursement of travel costs.

(e) Accommodation and subsistence: re-imbursement of reasonable accommodation and subsistence costs (where applicable)

(iii) Fees payable in full on presentation of diagnostic report or within one week of invoice for clinical consultation.

(iv) Agreement to terms and conditions to be signed prior to assessment appointment. Includes cancellation policy.

[•] These fees are not applicable to medico-legal assessments and reports.

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