Fees and Terms of Contract for Medico-Legal Professional Services

//Fees and Terms of Contract for Medico-Legal Professional Services
Fees and Terms of Contract for Medico-Legal Professional Services2010-10-03T02:01:36+00:00

1. Fees are charged at hourly or half-hourly rates:
£140 (excluding VAT) per hour (£75 excl. per 30 minutes).
Includes time for:
• Direct clinical assessment.
• Reading of documents @ 2 minutes per page (guideline).
• Preparation of report.
All other telephonic, email or other forms of professional contact are charged at and accrued within a context of reasonableness.

2. Court appearance:
£950 (excluding VAT) per day or £500 (excluding VAT) per half day, (excl. preparation time and travelling costs)

3. Travelling:
Time £70 (excluding VAT) per hour.
Cost per mile 59p by car.
Re-imbursement of travelling costs by other means of transport.

4. Other expenses:
Moderate hotel accommodation if overnight stays are required.

5. Terms and conditions:
Formal instruction from solicitor and acceptance of professional terms & conditions (as outlined above) prior to commencement of any work. Where self-funded, i.e., litigant in person, terms to be agreed.
Final payment within 30 days of invoice being received.
Payment for court appearance within 30 days of hearing.

6. Cancellation terms:
Court appearances: No costs are incurred if cancelled 5 days or more before hearing date and no prior work undertaken.
If cancelled between 5 days and 1 day before hearing date, all preparation time, travel costs (if applicable), will incur a £250 (excluding VAT) cancellation fee.
If cancelled on the day of the hearing, all preparation time, other work undertaken, travel costs and time and a cancellation fee of £400 (excluding VAT) will apply.

7. Our Assurance:
We will ensure that all consultations, assessments and reports are carried out, completed and submitted on or before any reasonable deadline set or within arrangements as agreed between ourselves and the instructing solicitor. Furthermore we will ensure that such written reports will be in a standard format and acceptable to the courts.

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